We Select becomes the official job advertising provider for the Stockholm Region

Rickard Rydström, CEO at We Select, smiling in the foreground with colleagues working and conversing in the background
October 10, 2022

News! We Select – the Nordics leading experts in social media job advertising – will be the new supplier to Region Stockholm in the largest recruitment advertising tender of the year .

October 2022 saw the launch of We Select and Region Stockholm's new social media recruitment advertising contract – a contract that has the potential to span a four-year period. Not only will Region Stockholm's entities now be able to take advantage of We Select's smart recruitment advertising, but they will also be able to take advantage of Employer Brand-boosting campaigns on social media – an initiative that is becoming increasingly important as the talent shortage increases.

Region Stockholm is one of Sweden's largest employers with 45,000 employees. Its diverse staff comprises a wide range of professionals, including X-ray nurses, community planners, engineers, cultural strategists, and orthopedists. With approximately 100 distinct professional groups, Region Stockholm accommodates a vast array of expertise within its organizational structure.

"Every day, around the clock, Region Stockholm offers high quality healthcare [...] An important prerequisite for Region Stockholm to be able to fulfil its mission is a functioning supply of skills." - 1.1 Bidding process, Stockholm Region

As a result of the agreement, the following companies and councils, among others, will now be able to benefit from We Select's smart advertising on social media:

  • The Health Services Foundation (HSF)
  • Stockholm County Health Region (SLSO)
  • Karolinska University Hospital
  • Culture Committee
  • Patient Committee
  • Regional Board
  • Property and Services Committee
  • Regional Auditors
  • Traffic Committee/Traffic Administration incl. companies and Transport Services Committee
  • Tillväxt- och regionplanenämnden Bolag:
  • Ambulanssjukvården i Storstockholm AB (AISAB)
  • Danderyds sjukhus AB
  • Folktandvården Stockholms län AB
  • S:t Eriks Ögonsjukhus AB
  • Tobiasregistret AB
  • Södersjukhuset AB
  • Södertälje Hospital AB
  • Medicarrier AB
  • TioHundra AB
  • The County Council's mutual insurance company (LÖF)
"This is a unique procurement in many ways and it hits both the heart and the brain of us at We Select. The brains because in terms of size it is a direct confirmation that we are right in our long-term commitment to technology and innovation, combined with our excellence in social media. The heart because we know what a huge challenge the region is facing. The shortage of skills that our society needs to function has never been greater, with the healthcare sector standing out and needing all the help they can get. The region's cause is simply ours in the job of over time building strong employer brands and attracting the best to apply. It won't be easy, but we'll get there, that's just the way it is." - Rickard Rydström, CEO & Co-founder of We Select

Since 2011, We Select has been helping growing organisations grow even faster. Combining smart employer branding, social media job advertising and innovative technology, We Select works to attract and recruit top candidates.

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