We Select launches fundraiser to aid Ukraine

We Select and UNHCR logos with a heart in between, behind is the Ukrainian flag against a clear blue sky.
March 22, 2022
“We desire to see our children...alive. I think it's a fair one” - Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyj addressing the EU Parliament yesterday.

We Select is a digital social media campaign company. We cannot stop any wars. We can't send weapons or do anything directly on the ground, but we make money and we can do something with it. Children are bombed 150 miles away, families are broken.

If we can do so that a single newborn child does not sleep in the subway or ensure that a few packages of food are distributed, we do it. We want to help, we want to create ripples, we want to get behind this because others who have gone before have inspired us - and we can now inspire others. All that matters is that the money goes through and that the Ukrainian people are helped. The war must end.

That's why we have started a fundraising campaign, where We Select is putting up the first 100,000 SEK. The goal is to raise at least 200,000 SEK – which will then be doubled by the Akelius Foundation. For 400,000 SEK UNHCR can distribute an emergency package to 1100 families with children on the run.

A package costs SEK 370. It sounds like a package is not much, but what if you were the one to receive it? What if it saves a life.

370 SEK can make a difference.

– Rickard Rydström, CEO of We Select

Support the fundraiser by clicking here

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