We Select is part of the Framework Agreement with Adda Inköpscentral

Rickard Rydström, CEO at We Select, and Vivica Alfvin, Bid Manager at We Select, standing in front of Stockholm City Hall.
October 11, 2021

We Select celebrates its 10th anniversary this year and fittingly when this milestone is passed, it is now also clear that the company is one of three selected suppliers for all of Sweden's municipalities and regions. The agreement spans 4 years and is the largest written in Sweden to date regarding recruitment advertisements on social media.

"We at We Select are excited to finally be able to share our biggest news in 10 years!" – Rickard Rydström, CEO and co-founder of We Select.

After a comprehensive and very thorough procurement carried out by Adda Inköpscentral (Formerly SKL Kommentus), We Select is an assigned framework agreement supplier in sub-area 6; recruitment advertising on social media. With already 150 of Sweden's 200 largest companies on the customer list, We Select has built a completely unique strategy for advertising in social media. This strategy, together with We Select's good reputation, was one of the reasons why We Select received the award decision. The start of the agreement is 1 September 2021 and extends over 4 years.

"We are both proud and excited about the confidence we have gained and will work hard to continue to deliver the quality, service and results that have characterized us for many years." says Rickard Rydström.

One of the most important and crucial parameters of the procurement according to Adda was to meet the criterion of very good references from existing customers. To ensure all parts of the procurement, from delivery quality and process to results and evaluation, We Select has expanded its public team with several experts. One of these is Vivica Alfvin - trained specialist in public activities:

"We are of course very proud and keen to continue to live up to the praises and high expectations our customers always have on us, while it is equally important that all processes are in place and that we continue to be the safest partner for our customers. We are very well prepared," says Vivica Alfvin, who in addition to her role as a specialist in public affairs is also responsible for several of Sweden's municipalities and regions.  

Adda Inköpscentral is an operating aid to the public sector and a subsidiary of SKR. Adda offers agreements and services in strategic supply that make everyday life easier for Sweden's Municipalities and Regions. Through smart services and products, relevant agreements and qualified advice, they ensure that the supply of resources and skills into welfare is both robust and sustainable.

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