We Select hires new Head of Growth from Telenor

Poja Tahmi, Head of Growth at We Select, and Rickard Rydström, CEO at We Select, standing in front of modern office building.
December 7, 2021

We Select continues its growth journey by strengthening up for 2022 with a new Head of Growth in Poja Tahmi.

Poja Tahmi has worked at Telenor for the past nine years as Omnichannel Sales Manager, Partner Program Manager and Lead Anti-churn, among others. He was most recently responsible for Telenor's residential customers and was part of the Sales & Marketing management team at Telenor.

"Over the next two years, we will grow by 150% and strategically develop digital sales. I have great confidence in Poja's skills and leadership, he is exactly what We Select needs to scale up domestically and internationally and meet our customers' needs while maintaining customer satisfaction", says Rickard Rydström, CEO of We Select.
"We Select's market position, customer list, technology and innovation are truly impressive and I look forward to making our products available to more customers by developing the web and sales. With my experience, I hope to optimise our customers' experience and streamline our processes so we can continue to grow internationally. We have ambitious goals for 2022 where we will follow up on 2021's growth of 135% in digital revenue. But I've never missed a budget in my life and wasn't about to start now," comments Poja Tahmi, new Head of Growth.

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