Procuritas acquires fast-growing HR tech company We Select

Rickard Rydström, CEO/Co-Founder at We Select, and Patrik Jankevics, Co-Founder at We Select, at a table in a modern office.
June 16, 2022

We Select joins Procuritas Capital Investors in a major partnership to continue its strong growth journey in Social Media Talent Attraction. Procuritas has extensive experience in investing in companies that have the potential for accelerated growth, in this case aiming for an international expansion of social media job advertising, particularly in Europe.

We Select was founded in 2011 as a traditional recruitment company. After launching its digital talent attraction service in 2016, the company quickly transformed its business model and focused entirely on the fast-growing Talent Acquisition segment - social media. We Select helps companies easily attract and recruit top talent by combining strategic employer branding, data-driven job advertising and automated candidate management in one smart platform. We Select had a turnover of SEK 42 million in 2021 and has around 20 employees, based in Stockholm.

Procuritas is a Nordic private equity firm founded in 1986. Since its inception, Procuritas has raised a total of seven funds with EUR 318 million in capital. To date, Procuritas has completed over 45 acquisitions, with a total purchase price of over SEK 12 billion.

"We are delighted to partner with Procuritas who share our vision and view on the growing demand for digital talent attraction. Procuritas has a fantastic track record when it comes to companies with great potential and growth opportunities. We look forward to working with the team" - Rickard Rydström, CEO
"We see two megatrends driving demand for digital talent attraction on a global scale: increasing talent shortages and growing use of social media. Digital, data-driven job advertising is a cost-effective way to reach a huge candidate market of passive candidates. We believe that We Select is well positioned to continue to benefit from the growing use of social media in recruitment marketing" - Oskar Lindholm-Wu, Partner at Procuritas

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