News in Talent Software in February 2022

A "Not relevant" button with a magic wand icon and sparkles on a light blue background.
February 3, 2022

Now you can choose who emails are sent from

News! We've made it even easier to send emails to candidates using Talent Software. Instead of all emails being sent from your personal email address (e.g., you now have the option to send messages to candidates from a general company address (e.g. This new feature is perfect when you want to send, for example, application confirmation emails or rejection emails.

Job subscribers are now notified about matching jobs - the very same day

News! We want to make it even easier for potential candidates to stay up to date with your vacancies. Now, as an administrator, you can choose to have candidates who subscribe to your vacancies receive an email immediately when you post the job or a weekly summary email. Previously, the person could receive an email once a week, but now they can receive it as soon as the job is posted!

Now Neka changes name to Not relevant

Update! To give you the best possible experience when using Talent Software, the Reject button is now changed to Not Relevant. You can continually move relevant candidates forward, or mark irrelevant candidates as Not Relevant. At the end of the process, you can then select all irrelevant candidates and reject all candidates at once. This means that when you mark a candidate as Not Relevant, the candidates will not automatically receive a rejection email.

Improved help center

Don't miss our Help Center full of helpful articles and videos! To make it even easier for you to find your way around Talent Software, we've now created even more categories for you to browse through. You'll find the Help Center in the Talent Software menu on the left.

The Help Center is now available in both Swedish and English

Not only have we expanded and improved the structure of the Help Library, but it is now also available in English for all users who do not speak Swedish. You can find the English Help Center in the Talent Software menu on the left.

Various performance improvements & bug fixes

In addition to all the new features and updates, we always work hard to make Talent Software - faster, easier and better. This means, among other things, several minor bug fixes and changes that help make Talent Software even faster.

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