New look, position-specific application forms, export & much more

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March 21, 2023

Discover the new and improved Talent Software! Our latest update introduces a refreshed design that is easier to navigate and more user-friendly. Along with the updated look, we have incorporated various highly demanded features such as the option to export candidates in multiple file formats and the ability to create tailored application forms for each position.

News! Talent Software has a new look

We are thrilled to unveil the updated design of Talent Software, now aligned with the new brand colors of We Select. The bright and refreshed interface has been designed with user-friendliness in mind, and we have updated all icons to enhance clarity and streamline navigation throughout the system.

News! Improved position table

To simplify the process of navigating through your open positions, we have developed a new and improved position table view in Talent Software. The upgraded position table features optimized columns that provide a clearer overview, improved filtering, and new shortcuts to streamline your workflow. Additionally, you can now easily access the candidate view by clicking anywhere in the corresponding field, allowing you to quickly identify and review all applicants for a given position.

Updated view for easier filtering of positions

From three clicks to one – we've made it even easier to filter your positions. Instead of having to use the filter panel to find positions based on status, you can now use our quick filters:

  • All positions
  • Open
  • Closed
  • Scheduled
  • Drafts
  • Archived

This will enable you to navigate through your open, closed, and archived services, as well as your started drafts, with greater speed and efficiency.

You can now filter services by location

We have introduced a new filter option to simplify the process for hiring across multiple locations. With this latest update, you can now filter by location, allowing you to quickly and easily identify positions in a specific area. To access this feature, simply click on the filter icon and select the "Locations" option from the dropdown menu.

Improved sorting

We have introduced a new sorting function to simplify the process of navigating through all your positions in Talent Software. With this latest update, you have the ability to select the order in which your vacancies are sorted. For instance, you can sort by "Last Publication Date" or "Earliest Publication Date". This new feature is designed to give you more flexibility and control when managing your vacancies.

It is now easier to see the status of the positions

You can now locate the service status directly beneath the title of your position. This feature enables you to quickly see if your position is "Open," "Closed," "Draft," or "Archived," along with the last application date if applicable. Furthermore, by hovering over the status, you can also view the publication date of the position. This enhancement is designed to provide you with a clear and comprehensive overview of your position status at a glance.

New shortcuts: Edit, share or sponsor your open position

Using our new shortcuts on the right side of the position table, you can now easily edit, share or sponsor your position - with just one click.

  • Edit: To save time, you can access the edit mode of your position directly from the position view.
  • Share: To make it easier to share a link to your open position.
  • Sponsor: With just one click, you can access the "Promote" feature and select an advertising package to expand your reach and attract a larger pool of potential top candidates.

Improved distribution of columns

We have now updated and optimized the columns of the position table to provide you with a more comprehensive and streamlined overview, minimizing the need for horizontal scrolling. We have implemented a fixed width for the position title column. This means that if a position title is too long to be displayed in its entirety, you can simply hover over the title to view the whole name. This change is designed to improve the user experience and enable you to quickly and easily navigate through your position table.

News! Identify candidates who have applied through We Select's advertising

We are pleased to announce that we have implemented a new feature that makes it easy for you to identify candidates who applied through one of We Select's advertising campaigns. You can now quickly spot these candidates by looking for the We Select logo, which will be displayed both in the candidate table and on the candidate card. This feature is designed to simplify the recruitment process and provide you with a clear and concise overview of each candidate's application source.

News! Now you can export candidates to Excel

We are very happy to announce that we have added a much-requested feature to Talent Software: the ability to export candidates from a position. With just a few clicks, you can now export all candidates for a specific position to an Excel file. To do this, simply go to the position and click on Actions, then select Export all candidates for the position.

News! Customize the apply form for specific positions

We want to enable you to customize your application process, so you can now easily customize the application form for a specific post. For example, you can now make the attachment of documents optional or mandatory for a specific post. You can find the customizable application form in Step 3. Selection when creating or editing a post.

Various performance improvements & bug fixes

In addition to all the new features and updates, we always work hard to make Talent Software - faster, easier and better. This means, among other things, several minor bug fixes and changes that help make Talent Software even faster.

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