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August 30, 2021

We know that recruitment can take time - but booking interviews shouldn't have to! Therefore, we have now made it even easier to book interviews. With the new Talent Software Easy Schedule, you can now easily book one or more interviews – with just a few keystrokes. Just by connecting your Google or Outlook calendar, we automatically find free interview times that you can then let candidates book. In addition, you can set everything from how long you want between your interviews to which days you want to be able to be booked. As smooth as it gets, right?

Talent Software Easy Schedule allows you to:

  • Choose to merge your Google or Outlook calendar to automatically find free times in your calendar
  • Choose how long you want your interviews to be (Ex. 45 min)
  • Choose how short a time in advance candidates can book interviews (Ex. 1 day)
  • Choose how long you want between your interviews (Ex. 30 min)
  • Choose which days of the week you want to be booked (Ex. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday)
  • Choose when on the day you want to be booked (E.g. 13:00 – 17:00)
  • Choose when candidates can cancel interviews at the latest (E.g. No later than 3h before)
  • Choose to receive automatic booking confirmations once you have been booked
  • Choose to send automatic booking confirmations to candidates by email
  • Choose to send automatic reminders to candidates by email (Ex. 10 min before)

Ready for a smarter way to book interviews? Get started with Talent Software Easy Schedule in 2 minutes by following our simple guide How to get started with Talent Software Easy Schedule.

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