Easy Schedule, Job Templates, and more

A collage of interface screenshots featuring a calendar for September 2021, job subscription form, and template usage form.
August 30, 2021

Talent Software Easy Schedule

News! Now we have made it even easier to book one or more candidates for an interview. All you have to do is sync your Google or Outlook calendar, and we'll automatically find free interview times that candidates can then book. Smooth, isn't it? Follow our guide to get started with Talent Software Easy Schedule in just a few minutes!

Talent Software Job Templates 2.0

News! Get started faster than ever with new recruitments using Talent Software Job Templates. As an administrator in Talent Software, you can now facilitate your and your colleagues' recruitment jobs by saving templates for your different types of services. The next time you create a new service, you can either choose to create a new service from scratch or choose to use one of your Job Templates. Super forging, isn't it?

Job Templates lets you save:

  • Service title
  • Service description
  • Short split text
  • Process step
  • Selection questions
  • Automatic ABC categorization
  • list emails based on ABC categorization

Talent Software Subscribe 2.0

Update! Now we have made it even easier for potential top candidates to stay up to date on future career opportunities with you. With the new Talent Software Subscribe, candidates who are interested in working at your company can now subscribe to vacancies – which both match what they want to work with and where they want to work.

Simplified Candidate View

Update! We want you to get the best possible experience when using Talent Software – that's why we've now made several updates to make your recruitment work even easier:

  • All documents are now automatically previewed - without extra clicks
  • All rejected candidates are now automatically moved to their own column
  • All search and filtering fields have been given one look

Improved sorting of services

Update! To make it even easier to find in your list of vacancies, we have now updated the sorting of services so that all of the services are sorted by the application deadline. This makes it even easier for you to find the services you're working on right now!

Improved search & filter function

Update! Not only have we made both candidate view and service sorting even easier , we've also made our search and filter function even better:

  • Now all search and filtering fields have been given the same look
  • Now you can find and filter at the same time
  • Now you can more easily see that you have active filters
  • Now your filtering is updated - while filtering

Simplified shopping experience

Update! Ordering job advertising should be super simple – that's why we've now simplified our shopping experience. The next time you choose to add job advertising when you create a new service, you will no longer have to choose to go to the cart to successfully order advertising and publish your ad at the same time. Instead, you'll now be automatically sent to the cart when you get to the last step of posting your job ad – much smoother!

Minor improvements & bug fixes

In addition to all the new features and updates, we always work hard to make Talent Software - faster, easier and better. This means, among other things, several minor bug fixes and changes that help make Talent Software even faster.

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