How we helped ICA fill 5 out of 5 managerial positions in purchasing

We Select and ICA collaboration banner showing a person holding a phone with Facebook ads for purchasing manager positions.
September 12, 2022

Project summary

Using smart two-step social media advertising, we helped ICA's purchasing department to appoint 5 Purchasing Managers within the categories:

  • Health & Beauty
  • Bread & Dairy
  • Fresh produce Proteins & Prepared foods
  • A-Brand Colonial
  • Mail, Gambling & Tobacco

The advertising resulted in 354,315 ad views, 4,469 visits to the vacancies, 156 applications and 5 appointments.

About ICA

With around 1,300 stores across the country and 50,000 employees, ICA is the leading grocery retailer in Sweden. In order to continue to grow, ICA's purchasing department is constantly focusing on change, development and innovation when it comes to their product range. That's why they are always looking for new employees who want to drive the right business, anticipate market trends and create a better tomorrow for their customers.

Objectives & Goals

  • To hire 5 purchasing managers
  • To raise awareness of a career in Purchasing at ICA
  • Reaching out with ICA's vacancies to both active and passive candidates with purchasing experience


To reach potential top candidates with experience in purchasing, ICA chose to use targeted advertising in two stages on Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn. Through our unique combination of data and interest-driven advertising, we targeted interest-generating video ads and image ads to potential top candidates in purchasing.

Step 1 - We built awareness that ICA was looking for purchasing managers

In the first stage of advertising, we built awareness that ICA was looking for Purchasing Managers. We also highlighted opportunities to help create a more sustainable everyday life for Swedish households.

Step 2 - We invited interested candidates to apply for each position

In the second stage of advertising, we re-advertised to candidates who had expressed an interest in working as a purchasing manager at ICA, inviting them to apply for the purchasing role that suited them best.


With the help of our two-step social media job advertisement, ICA's purchasing department was able to welcome 5 new employees and fill all positions. The advertising resulted in 354,315 ad views, 4,469 visits to the vacancies, 156 applications.

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