How we helped ICA Banken set a record in top candidate applications

We Select and ICA Banken collaboration with two smartphones displaying ICA Banken’s Facebook posts for customer specialist.
May 30, 2022

Project summary

In order to attract and recruit the best possible candidates for the position of Customer Specialist in Mortgages for ICA Bank's offices in Solna and Borås, ICA Banken chose to advertise together with us at We Select. By combining data-driven social media job advertising and employer branding-boosting content, we managed to break records in the number of applications from top candidates.

About ICA Banken

ICA Banken is owned by ICA AB and is one of the twenty largest commercial banks in Sweden. Since its start in 2001, ICA Banken has offered a full range of financial services that simplify everyday life for ICA's customers and provide an overview of their economy.

Objectives & Goals

  • To increase the amount of applications from top candidates in order to hire the best possible candidates
  • To attract candidates who'd be a long term match with ICA Banken as an employer
  • To strengthen ICA Banken's Employer Brand amongst relevant candidates to make future hiring even easier


In order for ICA Banken to recruit the best possible candidates, We Select recommended targeted job advertising on social media - combined with inspiring and engaging ads that reinforced ICA Banken as an employer. The focus was on attracting candidates with both the right requirements profile and the right qualities to match ICA Bank's corporate culture and values. For example, one of the Employer Branding-boosting ads was designed as a conversation with the head of each team, to further engage candidates and create a sense of the potential future employer.


Even before the recruitment process had been completed, ICA Banken was extremely satisfied with both the results and the collaboration. The campaign reached over 72,000 people and generated hundreds of applications - records for both locations!

"There is no comparison between the process and the positive results we have achieved through you and those we have achieved in the past."

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