How we helped Brödernas increase applications by 40% through smart Employer Branding

We Select and Brödernas collaboration with two smartphones displaying Brödernas’ Facebook posts about joining their team.
June 21, 2022

The project in brief

Using Employer Brand-enhancing social media job advertising, we helped Brödernas, Sweden's fastest-growing hamburger chain, find kitchen, service and seasonal staff with a passion for food, drink and service. 927,421 ad views, 3,922 visits to Brödernas' careers page and a 40% increase in applications (on average per month).

About Brödernas

By serving burgers and pizza of the highest quality, Brödernas has grown to become one of Sweden's fastest growing restaurant chains – with over 75+ restaurants across Sweden. In order to continue its growth journey, Brödernas is continuously looking for the best possible employees - from restaurant managers to seasonal workers.

Objectives & Goals

  • To strengthen Brödernas Employer Brand
  • To reach potential top candidates – with an interest in food, drink & service
  • To increase the number of relevant applications for Brödernas open positions


In order to reach as many relevant candidates as possible, Brödernas chose to focus on targeted advertising on Sweden's largest social media platforms - Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat. Using our unique combination of data and interest-driven advertising, short video ads were targeted to candidates with an interest in cooking and service.

Step 1 – We built awareness of working at the Brothers:

In the first stage of the campaign, we built awareness of a career at Brödernas through short employee interviews.

Step 2 – We highlighted the best things about working at Brödernas:

In the second stage of the campaign, we re-advertised to candidates who had shown an interest in working at Brödernas and highlighted some of the best things about working at Brödernas – from secure working conditions to good development opportunities.

Step 3 – We invited candidates who had shown interest in the Brothers to apply

In the third stage of the campaing, Brödernas had the opportunity to sponsor specific vacancies to those candidates who had shown interest in a career at Brödernas, as well as to other potential top candidates.


The campaign produced strong results and helped Brödernas strengthen their Employer Brand among relevant candidates. Between 21 January 2022 and 21 March 2022 alone, the social media campaign generated 927,421 ad views, 3,922 visits to the Brödernas careers page and a 40% increase in applications (on average per month).

"We are incredibly pleased with our collaboration with We Select, we have constantly received great service, inspiration and tips to be as good as possible. We will continue the collaboration with pleasure and look forward to even more successes thanks to We Select." - Tila Ivarsson, Recruitment Manager at Brödernas

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