How we helped Billerud strengthen their Employer Brand

We Select and Billerud collaboration with two smartphones displaying a Facebook posts from Billeruds employee calendar.
May 26, 2022

Project summary

Billerud, a world-leading supplier of renewable packaging materials, wanted to strengthen its employer brand in several hard-to-reach candidate target groups, as well as strengthen its presence on social media. Using We Select's expertise in digital Talent Acquisition, a digital Employer Branding campaign was produced and targeted at potential future employees on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Potential future employees were engaged with in multiple stages and the project delivered a 13.4% Employer Brand lift within the candidate target audience, reached 185,340 people, increased the follower base on all social media channels and strongly engaged the target audience.

About Billerud

Billerud is a world-leading supplier of renewable packaging materials that challenges conventional packaging for a sustainable future. Billerud has 4,300 employees spread over several different departments, which means that they have many different candidate target groups. Most of the target groups are also difficult to reach using traditional job channels, but are active on social media.

Objectives & Goals

  • Raise awareness around Billerud as a potential future employer
  • Showcase diversity in the workplace
  • Strengthen their presence on social media to better reach future candidates


To show a transparent picture of Billerud as an employer, 24 video portraits of employees were produced in all different departments. Selected audiences in relevant target audiences were continuously shown the video portraits on social media. The interest before the video advertising was compared to the interest after the advertising, in order to produce an employer brand lift – how many more people remembered Billerud brand two days after they had seen the ad.


At the end of the project, Billerud was able to see a strengthened Employer Brand in all of its candidate groups. With the help of targeted advertising, they experienced an increase in both social media followers and engagement. In addition, at least ten seconds of the video portraits were viewed over 86,000 times on social media. All the project's objectives were achieved by a good margin, and Billerud was very pleased with the results of the project.

  • 86,145 10-second video views of the various employee portraits on social media
  • High view-through-rate amongst women despite male-dominated industry
  • 6% increase in followers on LinkedIn
  • 14% increase in followers on Facebook
  • 25% increase in followers on Instagram
  • 185,340people were reached on social media

"We succeeded extremely well in strengthening our Employer Brand"

"We chose to collaborate with We Select because of their unique strategy which proved to be perfect for this specific project. We succeeded extremely well in strengthening our Employer Brand, even within hard-to-reach target groups, thanks to the use of social media. But we also succeeded really well in building an internal pride in the workplace among our employees. We are incredibly satisfied and look forward to continued successful cooperation!"

- Tim Paradis
People Development Manager at Billerud

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