How we help Vänersborg Municipality reach more candidates – with smart social media advertising

We Select and Vänersborgs kommun collaboration with two smartphones displaying Vänersborgs kommun’s Facebook posts.
July 6, 2022

Project summary

Using smart job advertising on Facebook & Instagram, we helped the municipality of Vänersborg find the right candidates for 25+ vacancies - in the Children and Education Administration, Environment and Building Administration, City Council Administration, Culture and Leisure Administration, Community Development Administration and Social Services Administration. The advertisement has helped Vänersborg Municipality reach both active and passive candidates - which has made their recruitment processes easier.

About Vänersborg Municipality

Vänersborg is the regional capital at the southern tip of Lake Vänern. With a population of around 40,000, the municipality is small enough to retain its small-town charm but large enough to offer a wide range of services. The municipality of Vänersborg employs around 3,800 people in 300 different professions, ranging from temporary workers to social workers. Together they work to make the municipality's vision a reality. Attractive and sustainable in all aspects, throughout life!

Objectives & Goals

  • Making Vänersborg municipality an attractive employer
  • To reach out with the vacancies of Vänersborg Municipality to both active and passive candidates
  • To increase the number of relevant applications for vacancies in the municipality of Vänersborg

The solution

In order to reach the best possible candidates with Vänersborg's vacancies, we chose to use smart job advertising on Sweden's largest social media platforms. By targeting compelling social media ads to candidates within the right target group for each position, we ensured an increase in clicks and relevant applications - from both active and passive candidates.


Between February and May 2022 alone, the advertising has had a significant impact, helping the municipality of Vänersborg to reach even more top candidates and to increase the number of relevant applications for its vacancies. On average, the advertising has yielded 46 148 ad views and 472 link clicks per post.

"We were really impressed by the advertising and received an incredible number of relevant applications. We took 10 of them to a digital interview and 4 of these were top candidates - one of whom was hired." - Recruiting Manager at Vänersborg Municipality

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