How we help Dryft attract and recruit skilled craftsmen

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March 17, 2023

Project summary

Dryft's vision is to create the craft company of the future. To succeed in attracting and recruiting qualified craftsmen, they took help from us at We Select. Through targeted job advertising on Sweden's largest social media channels, Dryft has seen an increase in the number of relevant applications, and a higher appointment rate of skilled craftsmen for roles such as carpenters, painters, plumbers, tilers and electricians.

About Dryft

Dryft is the modern craft company that wants to raise the status of the industry in society. Since the start in 2020, they have grown to 145 committed employees and are now established in two cities. With the vision - to create the craft company of the future - Dryft strongly believes in collaboration between people from different backgrounds and experiences. Today they consist of everything from skilled craftsmen and engineers to programmers and economists. Today, Dryft has painters, plumbers, carpenters, tilers and electricians in Stockholm who help mainly private customers with small and large tasks, ranging from changing an electrical outlet to bathroom renovation or energy efficiency of the house. To succeed in changing the craft industry, Dryft is constantly looking for more committed employees who want to join their growth journey.

Objectives & Goals

  • Reaching out to more artisans - both active and passive candidates
  • Strengthening Dryft's employer brand among craftspeople
  • To increase the number of qualified and relevant applications for Dryft's vacancies.
  • Facilitating the recruitment of artisans


To find the best possible craftsmen for their vacancies around Sweden, Dryft chose our popular advertising package Facebook & Instagram Boost. Through We Select's unique combination of interest and data-driven target groups, we managed to target inspiring social media ads to users who, among other things, work as craftsmen or have shown interest in craft jobs.


The targeted social media advertising has helped Dryft to reach more skilled craftsmen, to strengthen its employer brand through an EVP campaign and to receive more qualified applications for its vacancies. This, in turn, has facilitated Dryft's recruitment and allowed them to increase their appointment rate.‍

"We Select has played a significant role in our inflow of craftsmen, helping us to reach the right target group, increase the number of qualified applications and has been a cornerstone in the development of our EVP where we used an EVP campaign aimed at our primary target group - craftsmen." - Micaela Pargell Karlsson, Talent Acquisition Manager at Dryft_200D↩

Since its launch in 2020, advertising has delivered a strong performance of 1,458,522 ad impressions, 257,147 reach and 11,464 link clicks.

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