How PE Accounting increased the awareness and traffic to their careers page through Employer Branding

We Select and PE Accounting collaboration banner showing a smartphone with a Facebook ad for a career as a system developer.
November 2, 2022

Project summary

Using smart employer branding on social media, we helped PE Accounting - a six-time Di Gasell winner that continues to grow steadily - strengthen its employer brand among candidates in tech.

About PE Accounting

By combining the most automated financial system on the market and a dedicated finance team that supports clients with what only a human can do, PE Accounting offers total control in real time and a complete solution for financial management. Since PE Accounting was founded in 2011, the company has grown to approximately 140 MSEK in revenue and today has 1000+ enterprise customers, 20,000+ users, and has been named one of Sweden's hottest scaleup companies. The growth has been organic and with healthy finances, which has also made them a six-time DI Gaseller!


  • Reaching more future colleagues in tech
  • Strengthening your Employer Brand among potential top candidates in tech

The solution

To reach as many potential top candidates as possible, PE Accounting chose three-step employer brand-boosting advertising on Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn. Using our unique combination of data and interest-driven advertising, inspiring video ads were targeted to relevant tech candidates. From Backend Developer to Fullstack Developer.

Step 1 – We built awareness of a career in IT at PE Accounting

In the first stage of advertising, we built awareness of who PE Accounting is and their corporate culture. In addition, we also highlighted the things that set them apart as an employer in tech - including their weekly releases and their test-driven development.

Step 2 – We highlighted the best things about working in tech at PE Accounting

In the second stage of advertising, we re-advertised to those candidates who had shown an interest in working at PE Accounting, highlighting some of the best things about a career with them:

  • Flexibility and the possibility to work remotely and/or from their office in central Stockholm
  • Hackathons with colleagues
  • Releases every week
  • Opportunity for creative freedom
  • Test-driven development, for real
  • Their organic growth & sound finances

Step 3 – We encouraged interested candidates to apply

In the third stage of advertising, we re-advertised to candidates who had shown interest in working at PE Accounting and encouraged them to apply for the job of Systems Developer at PE Accounting.


The Employer Brand boosting advertising yielded strong results with 470,331 ad views and helped PE Accounting to increase traffic to its careers page by reaching around 60,000 people. This was reflected in an increased pressure and influx of applications for the position of Systems Developer - a usually very hard-to-recruit role in tech! During the period of the advert, PE Accounting received over 25 applications for the specific position - a result they themselves were very pleased with!

"Can highly recommend using We Select for Employer Branding advertising. We are very happy with both the collaboration and the results!" - Linda Samuelsson, People Partner at PE Accounting

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