How NORMAL fills 9 out of 10 vacancies with smart job advertising on social media

 We Select and Normal collaboration with two smartphones displaying Normal’s Facebook posts for store manager positions.
June 29, 2022

Project summary

Since 2018, the retail chain NORMAL has opened 67 stores across Sweden and grown by over 1,000 employees. To continue their growth journey, they now need to find the best possible employees who love to deliver excellent service. With the help of our smart job advertising on Facebook & Instagram - NORMAL managed to increase the number of relevant applications for their stores around Sweden. On their first 9 sponsored job posts alone, they received 342 797 ad views and an average of +113 applications/position - resulting in a fill rate of 88%.


NORMAL is a Danish-owned retail chain that has grown since its start in 2013 with over 6,800 employees and 400 stores across Europe. Through their unique store labyrinths, NORMAL invites the customer to go on a treasure hunt among both known and unknown brands. In order to offer its shopping experience to even more people around Europe, NORMAL is constantly looking for new dedicated employees who love to deliver excellent service.

Objectives & Goals

  • To reach out with NORMAL's vacancies to both active and passive candidates with an interest in service and retail
  • To increase the number of relevant applications for NORMAL's vacancies


To quickly and effectively attract more engaged employees to their existing stores and new openings around Sweden, NORMAL chose to use our popular Boost advertising solution. By targeting engaging and inspiring social media ads to people with an interest in service and retail, NORMAL increased its visibility with both active and passive candidates.


In a short time, the advertising has had a strong impact and helped NORMAL to increase the number of relevant applications for its vacancies. On average, the campaigns have resulted in 38,089 ad views, 754 visits, 113 applications and a fill rate of 88% per post.

"Working with We Select is both smart and convenient! Best of all, we reach the right candidates with our ads. Just since the start of the partnership, our recruitment has been easier and easier – as our increased visibility has also created interest from top candidates who are not actively looking for new jobs." – Susanne Lange, People & Performance Partner at NORMAL

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