How the recruitment company nAbleGrowth fills 9 out of 10 positions through social media advertising

We Select and nAbleGrowth header: Woman viewing a Facebook ad for a property caretaker job.
January 11, 2023

Project summary

Using smart social media advertising, recruitment company nAbleGrowth is helping growing companies fill 9 out of 10 positions in hard-to-recruit occupations.

About nAbleGrowth

nAbleGrowth helps growing companies grow faster with innovative recruitment services. By combining smart social media job advertising with skills-based recruitment technology, they fill hard-to-recruit positions - both quickly & cost-effectively.‍


  • Reaching both active and passive top candidates
  • Increasing the number of top candidates for their recruitment assignments
  • Increasing the proportion of filled recruitment assignments
  • Reducing time per recruitment

The solution

To reach as many potential top candidates as possible, nAbleGrowth has chosen targeted job advertising on Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn via We Select. The choice of advertising packages and social media channels is adapted based on:

  • What type of service it is
  • Which target group the company wants to reach
  • How difficult the position is deemed to be to fill
  • How well known the customer's brand is

Video or image ads are then targeted to relevant candidates for each position - customized with the company logo, colors, images and fonts.


  • approx. 70 000 ad views per service (on average)
  • approx. 11 000 candidates reached per post (on average)
  • about 11 top candidates per post (on average)
  • 91% fill rate in hard-to-recruit areas
"I always use We Select's smart job advertising in my assignments to really reach the candidates who are in the target group for each specific role - it lays the foundation for a successful recruitment.

Then my curiosity, background from behavioural science, sales and marketing are important in the actual meeting with the candidates and the skills-based recruitment method. Together, it's a great starting point for achieving higher fill rates especially in shortage positions!" - Nina Dahl, CEO of nAbleGrowth

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