How Coop Online found their dream candidates with two-step advertising

We Select and Coop collaboration with two smartphones displaying Coop's Facebook posts about joining their winning team.
May 28, 2022

Project summary

Coop Online, the online supermarket belonging to one of Sweden's largest supermarket chains, were looking for a Team Lead for its customer service department. They chose two-step advertising via We Select because the solution perfectly matched the fact that they wanted to highlight the digital aspect of the role, and how Coop Online differs from its supermarkets. This solution generated over 100 applications and resulted in them hiring, not one, but two top candidates for the position of Team Lead.

About Coop Online

Coop Online was started in 2008 and is the online supermarket belonging to Coop, one of Sweden's largest supermarket chains. The goal is that it should be simple to shop using, the range of products should be large and the experience inspiring.

Objectives & Goals

  • Build awareness around Coop Online and distinguish them from the COOP stores
  • Generate applications from candidates with a digital skill-set
  • Attract candidates who'll be a good match in the long term


In order to get more qualitative applications from candidates matching Coop Online over time, the target groups were targeted on social media through job advertisements in two steps. In the first step, inspiring and informative material about Coop Online as an employer was displayed.


With Coop Online choosing to use Talent Software, they were able to easily get an overview of the process and chose to do a larger optimization of the campaign, halfway through the campaign. This led to a higher volume of applications and, in particular, an increased influx of relevant candidates. As a result of the amount of relevant applications, not only one, but two, candidates were hired for the position of Team Lead at Coop Online.

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