Why is it important to work with Employer Branding?

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May 24, 2022

Companies need a long-term strategy for attracting top candidates

Strengthening your employer brand and working with Employer Branding is not a quick fix. You need a strategy to attract candidates for the long term and be "top of mind" with interesting candidates. Employer branding requires a constant presence in the candidate market. In marketing, we often talk about "always-on marketing" which means having a constant presence combined with campaigns and new material throughout the year.

Continuous Employer Branding reduces your recruitment costs over time

It is not enough to post fairly regularly on LinkedIn, advertise your vacancies when needed and occasionally make a social media post highlighting your employees. To be an attractive employer that attracts the right skills, you need to have a long-term plan where you are always in touch with the candidate market. This will ensure more applications in future recruitment processes and lower your cost-per-hire and time-to-hire. There is nothing more important than having the right employees in place, and for growing companies it is crucial in order to continue growing.

Management needs to understand the value of Employer Branding

In order to achieve this, companies need to allocate more budget towards Employer Branding. Unfortunately, too often very little resources are put into this type of marketing, but for the company and management to understand the value of Employer Branding, arguments are required. Here are a few:

What concrete arguments are there to work with Employer Branding?

  1. The right candidates and employees are critical to a company's success (For example, a study from LinkedIn show that companies that worked with Employer Branding saw a 50% increase in qualified applications.)
  2. Companies save time and money by cutting down on recruitment time (For example a study from LinkedIn show that companies that used Employer Branding reduced their recruitment costs by 50%.)
  3. A strong employer brand attracts talent (In a study by the 3BL Association, 9 out of 10 said they would leave their job for a company with a strong employer brand).
  4. When a candidate is hired after viewing Employer Branding content, they stay longer in the workplace, leading to lower employee turnover (For example a study from LinkedIn showed that companies that engaged in Employer Branding saw a 28% reduction in employee turnover.)
  5. It is possible to attract hard-to-recruit candidates (e.g. in IT) with the right Employer Branding marketing strategy (e.g. a study from LinkedIn showed that companies with a strong Talent Brand on LinkedIn had a 31% higher response rate to InMails, one of the most common ways to recruit IT employees).

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