How to succeed with your recruitment on LinkedIn 2023

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June 28, 2023

When you think of social media recruitment, the professional network LinkedIn certainly comes to mind. In fact, today, with its 4 million users in Sweden, the platform is not just for networking with industry colleagues and getting company news - LinkedIn has also become a natural part of our job search process. According to LinkedIn's own statistics, 61 million people use the platform to search for jobs every week, 8 people are hired every minute and 117 applications are submitted every second. In addition, statistics from Svenskarna och Internet 2022 show that 6 out of 10 salaried employees have used LinkedIn in the past year.

So if you have a recruitment out and are thinking about using LinkedIn to succeed with your recruitment process, then you have come to the right place! In this post, we gather our best tips on how to succeed with your recruitment on LinkedIn 2023.

1. Create a strong company profile

The first step to using LinkedIn as a tool in your recruitment process is to create an attractive company profile. There, you can share information about your company so that potential candidates can learn more about you as an employer. Start by updating the profile picture to include your logo and choose a header that reflects your graphic profile to create recognition. In the company profile, you can also add a link to your website, a short pitch about you and what industry you operate in.

You can think of your LinkedIn profile as an extension of your employer branding, where you can be active and share the best of your workplace to strengthen your employer brand.

2. Post organic posts

Once you've created your company profile, it's time to start sharing content. By being active and posting relevant content, you can grow your company profile and make sure you are visible in more and more feeds. Not sure what to share? Here's a list of topics that work well on LinkedIn:

  • Employee portraits: Highlight your employees by letting them talk about what it's like to work in their role at your workplace.  
  • Company events or team activities: Did you have an inspiring breakfast or a fun AW activity? Share it and show what you are doing to strengthen your company culture.
  • Milestones or wins: Did you reach a new goal or just celebrate 10 years in business? Share your excitement with the network.
  • Product updates or company news: showcase what you are working on, perhaps you recently launched a new feature in your app or opened a new store?
  • Polls: LinkedIn allows you to share a range of different types of posts - including polls. Create polls to engage your network and start a discussion.
  • Share posts from employees: Make sure to interact with your employees, share, comment and like their posts to increase your reach.
  • Job vacancies: Of course, a regular part of your organic posts should be your job vacancies. Do you have a new position available? Post it on your company page on LinkedIn.
  • Knowledge: Share valuable knowledge that your network can benefit from. For example, you can upload a PDF to create a carousel post and show multiple images in one post.

3. Create targeted campaigns

While organic posts are great for building your network and profile, they may not be enough to reach the top passive candidates on LinkedIn. Then it may be time to create targeted campaigns. Via an external player, such as We Select or LinkedIn's own advertising platform, LinkedIn Ads, you can create targeted campaigns that show your ad to a specific target group. For example, you can target advertising based on job titles, relevant training courses or skills in demand.

To reach the top candidates on LinkedIn, it's important to know not only who they are, but what attracts them. By advertising with We Select during your recruitment, you get access to data and insights from 100,000+ social media ads, 10,000,000+ visitors and 600,000+ applications. This combined with our long experience in recruitment and digital advertising means we can help you succeed with your recruitment on LinkedIn.

Get started with social media advertising - book a free consultation here!

4. Publish your job vacancies on LinkedIn

In addition to LinkedIn Ads, LinkedIn also offers its own job ads. Directly from your company profile, you can post your vacancies - free or sponsored. By posting a job and linking it to your company page, candidates who are actively looking for work can see it both in the jobs tab or find it directly on your LinkedIn page.

5. Send direct messages to relevant candidates with LinkedIn Recruiter

LinkedIn also offers a subscription service called LinkedIn Recruiter. By paying a monthly fee, you get access to a range of more advanced features that can facilitate your recruitment process. For example, you get access to: LinkedIn's talent network, more information about candidates, advanced search features, the ability to send InMails, reporting and much more.

6. Create a strong network with both employees and candidates.

Although LinkedIn has a lot of features that cannot be found on other social media platforms, it is essentially a networking platform. Take advantage of the active users by joining groups where your target audience may be. By being visible and engaging, you can create recognition and build a strong network around your workplace and your overall brand. Also make sure to use your employees' networks to reach more users. If you have a vacancy, ask your employees to share it in their private networks to increase your reach organically.

Use LinkedIn to build a strong employer brand

LinkedIn as a social network is incredibly effective in building your employer brand, both internally and externally. According to "The Ultimate List of Employer Brand Statistics" report from LinkedIn, employees hired through LinkedIn are 40% less likely to leave the company in the first 6 months. Furthermore, companies with a strong employer brand are 31% more likely to have candidates accept their InMails. So by being active, highlighting your employees, sharing inspiring posts and engaging in the comments, you can increase the chances of top candidates applying for your position via LinkedIn.

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