How to activate your Employer Brand

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November 8, 2021

We at We Select take you from your starting point to your dream destination – as a travel agency within employer branding, you might say.

When an employer brand is discussed and formulated in a workplace, it creates (to put it bluntly) a desktop product. It becomes a framework for the different components of the employer brand, such as an EVP (Employer Value Proposition). There is no life in this product until it is activated (both internally and externally). Most people involved in employer branding have heard the phrase Activation of the Employer Brand before, which basically means the moment that presents your employer brand to the world (and especially to relevant candidates!).

We at We Select know who knows their brand best – they are our customers. Most of the companies we work with already have a clear vision, attractive employee benefits and a great understanding of how to live up to the company's values within the organization. When do you contact We Select? This is when the Employer Branding work is to be packaged, realized and the goal is achieved.

What are we specialists in?

We are the factor that ensures that your concrete objectives are met. We do not develop your EVP or build concepts that suit your organization. Instead, we listen carefully to who you are, package your EVP in an attractive way that suits the target group you want to reach, and then build accurate and successful digital campaigns according to our recipe for success so that you reach your goal.

It is therefore important for us that you are ready for Employer Branding when you contact us. Our partnerships are always best when you clearly communicate your vision. If you go to a travel agency to help you reach a destination, it will be difficult to know if you have arrived at the right place when you arrive if we have not started by defining where we are going. If you're not sure, we'll help you find a destination that's perfect for you.

Examples of destinations we have taken our customers to

Desired destination: "Get more than 20% relevant applications for our recruitments"
Result of cooperation with We Select: 41% relevant applications

Desired destination: "Reduce our cost-per-hire by 25% on senior IT specialists"
Result of collaboration with We Select: 65% reduction in cost-per-hire

Desired destination: "Increase our conversion rate on the careers page (applications submitted, from 5%)"
Result of collaboration with We Select: 19% conversion rate

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